Penile Clamps

You will find many techniques that may be employed to penile clampprevent urine in males who are dribbling and using urostomy pouches or diapers. The Dribblestop penile clamp exceeds most clamps, which makes it one of the very best made penile clamps on the market. The clamp functions by using pressure on the lower part of your penis so you don't have to be hindered with uncontrollable urine without notice.


The Dribblestop is formed from a superior quality material that's lightweight therefore the person utilizing it wouldn’t have any un comfort wearing it whatsoever. Additionally, it doesn't create skin irritation due to its medically-approved foam that's intended not to absorb any liquid. Unlike other types of incontinence clamps, there's no metal in the device you can pass trough airport terminals or other areas with no trouble. However, as with every other techniques used to prevent urinary leakage, if should be essential that the consumer follows the correct technique in taking care of the unit for example cleansing the clamp with a non scented cleaner. rinsing with warm water. Also, since it may be cleaned and employ after it's completely dried.



Dribblestop Penile Clamps

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Incontinence Clamps

To use incontinence clamps, males just need to have an appropriateincontinence clamp clamp, the one that fits on his penis comfortably. The unit is put halfway down the shaft of the penis and then tightened comfortably, effectively stopping the flow of urine but not compromising the circulation in the penile area. They must be removed every two hours to permit urination and to empty the bladder naturally. This way, natural urinary patterns are preserved while preventing distension and urine stagnation in the area which promotes growth of bacteria that causes infection and disease.


1. Hinge in the middle.
2. Upper Arm.
3. Lower Arm.
4. Elastic Strap on the outside of the Upper Arm. The Elastic Strap is used to hold the device in place.
5. Control Pad on the inner surface of the Lower Arm that presses against the urethra to block the flow of urine.


Regain penis clamp are flexible and made for males with incontinence for temporarily obstructing the passageway of urine underneath the penis. This imitates the functions of exterior urethral sphincter muscles that stop the flow of urine before men reach the bathroom. Regain incontinence clamps are sold to stop urine for men can reach a toilet after a few hours of wearing one. The clamps are suggested for males who've incontinence is mild, or because of nerve damage, prostate problems or surgery. Although aging in itself isn't the only reason we suffer from incontinence, it increases our changes as we grow older.



Regain Penile Clamps

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