Kegel exercises for men are designed to help men increase the strength of the pelvic floor. Kegel exercises are usually used by men suffering from premature ejaculation and incontinence, though some men use kegel exercises to enhance the enjoyment of sex and orgasms.


How much time will I need?

Kegels may take a little time to get used to but once you have the idea, you should be able to perform sets in 5-10 minutes, several times a day.


How long will it take to do them?

It is impossible to say exactly how long it will take for these exercises to take effect and it is also important to note that there is often a larger underlying problem that needs to be addressed. That said, many men will experience positive results within 4-6 weeks of starting regular kegel exercises.


How do you do them?

Locating the PC muscle: Before you start, you will need to locate and identify your PC muscle. Quite a few people start performing kegel exercises without actually knowing what this is. An easy way to find you PC muscle is to stop urination half way through and feel what muscle is tense and being used.


Finding the baseline: When you first attempt a kegel exercise, try to squeeze your PC muscle are hard as you can for 3-5 seconds. The first time you do this, try to do as many sets as you can before you become tired, and note down the sensation after performing the exercise. This will help you find your baseline.


Using sets and repetitions: Once you have found your baseline, you will be able to start performing sets. Sets are the most useful way of efficiently and accurately performing kegels.  Try to start with sets of 5, and make sure you squeeze, hold and then release. Do not overwork yourself though or push yourself to the point of pain.


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Building up strength: Once you have found your baseline and you are happy with the number of sets you are performing each day, try to either increase the amount of time you hold the exercise, or try to increase the amount of times you perform the exercise. This works like with any other exercise; you reach a plateau and you need to push past it.


Do your exercises more often: Once you have got yourself into the routine of doing your exercises every day, start increasing the amount of times you perform your sets. If possible, try to get up to 5-6 sets per day. Remember, you can do these exercises at anytime, anywhere.


Increase and vary the intensity of the exercises: Change the amount of seconds you hold the exercise, and perform some sets harder than others. Consider doing rapid sets of hold and release. This kind of exercise variation is what will help to increase the muscles faster and more effectively.


Exercise during sex: This is especially helpful for men who are trying to increase their enjoyment in the bedroom. Try performing the kegels during intercourse and masturbation. You may find it changes the way in which you exercise sexual pleasure.

Tips and helpful advice

Try to isolate the muscle in question. The only muscle that will improve your problem is the PC muscle. Therefore, if you are squeezing other muscles like the buttocks, expect to see the effectiveness of the exercise reduce significantly. Focus as much attention on working the PC muscle, and do not get lazy with the way you do it.


Don’t get bogged down by trying to find time to fit in your slots of kegels – do them whenever! Remember, no-one knows you’re doing them, and they do not take much time to perform. You might decide to do some at work, while in a traffic jam or even when you’re cooking diner, it really doesn’t matter!


Try to avoid over-doing and performing your kegel exercises. You have to make sure that you build up the amount of exercise you do slowly, or you might experience adverse side effects. It is the same with any other muscle in the body – you need to give it time to adjust to a new routine of exercise.



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