Cancer In Men

Cancer, this C word brings shivers down everyone’s spine. Cancer in any shape or form is lethal to say the very least and if you have prostate cancer, it needs to be taken care of immediately.


Prostate Cancer is a malignant tumor (cancer) in the male reproductive gland. Losing a loved one because of cancer is the worst thing. If you got yourself tested and the doctor tells you that you have prostate cancer, it is time to get familiar with Prostate Cancer Treatment options. The type and intensity of the Prostate Cancer Treatment depends on many factors.


Men need to get regular prostate examinations to monitor their bodies, because prostate cancer is one of the most common causes of death in males.
Once the cancer has been detected, your doctor will tell you many possible forms of Prostate Cancer Treatment. The doctor does that because he knows that the Prostate Cancer Treatment depends on how much the cancer has progressed in your body and how healthy you are. So the doctor is deciding whether the Prostate Cancer Treatment will be beneficial for you or not.


There are three kinds of cancers: low risk, intermediate risk and high risk localized prostate cancer. Therefore, the Prostate Cancer Treatment depends on where you stand in these categories.


The various Prostate Cancer Treatment options are:


Active Monitoring: If the cancer has not developed and the doctor has caught it early, the first option is to monitor it for some time and nip it in the bud as quickly as possible.
Radio Therapy: Radio Therapy is another Prostate Cancer Treatment in which the malignant cancer cells are destroyed by high power energy. This radiation can either be projected from outside your body or from inside your body. The procedure of external beam radiation is applied when the patient is suffering from low risk localized prostate cancer. If it is an intermediate risk cancer, inside the body radiation (brachytherapy) is utilized. 


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Prostate Removal Surgery: This type of Prostate Cancer Treatment is applied in all three kinds of risks of cancer. In the prostate removal surgery, the surgeon will completely remove the prostate to get rid of all cancer cells. This surgery is given many names depending on the method of surgery. The first Prostate Cancer Treatment is Retropubic surgery, which is making an incision in the abdomen. The second Prostate Cancer Treatment is Perineal surgery, by making an incision between the anus and scrotum. The third Prostate Cancer Treatment is Laparoscopic Prostatectomy, in which many incisions are made in the abdomen to take out the cancer.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is the Prostate Cancer Treatment when the cancer cells have spread through the entire body. This is applied when it is high risk localized prostate cancer.
Cryosurgery: As science progresses, Prostate Cancer Treatment also progresses. One such treat is the cryosurgery in which cancer cells are killed by freezing the tissue. Freezing and unfreezing the prostate tissue at calculated time intervals kills the malignant foreign cells. This is not a standard treatment but many doctors are practicing this on high risk localized prostate cancer patients.


High Frequency ultrasound treatment: Another Prostate Cancer Treatment that is fairly recent is the high frequency ultrasound treatment. In this, the cancer cells are killed by heating the tissues using powerful sound waves. 


Hormone Therapy: For high risk localized prostate cancer, the recommended Prostate Cancer Treatment is Hormone Therapy. This therapy puts a stop to the production of testosterone in the male reproductive system. This causes the cancer cells to stop growing since they depend on testosterone for growth. Hormone therapy is applied by using medications like luteinizing hormone releasing hormone agonists or anti-androgens. These medicines are the stopping force to the production of testosterone. However, if these medicines do not work, removing the testicles through Orchiectomy is the last resort.   


Doctors use these Prostate Cancer Treatment options interchangeably if the cancer comes back. This means that in case one Prostate Cancer Treatment does not work for you, your doctor will have another option waiting for you unless and until the cancer becomes too strong to be combated. In other words, the doctor will leave no stone unturned to make the cancer go away.





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