Incontinence Clamps

Penis clamps are a uniquely designed medical-grade device specially made for males with urinary incontinence. Men with incontinence experience a real reduction of quality of life because of much embarrassment. But with these devices, men with such condition will experience little or no impact on doing daily activities in life. It enables males with a urine dribble to socialize comfortably with friends and family without fear of involuntary urine accidents or embarrassed to admit using such a device.


How they work?

incontinenceThe principal behind this device is very simple; the clamp closes the urethra temporarily, blocking any passage of urine and stopping involuntary urination. This simple principle makes incontinence clamps work much like the external urethral sphincter, the muscle that envelop the urethra and promotes continence. When the function of this muscle is lost in instances like aging, stroke or other conditions, the person losses voluntary urine control and suffers from incontinence. In such instances, they can help men regain some control if not all of their urine leakage.


Most penile clamps closely resemble one another, and they are shaped to fit around the shaft and designed to stay discreetly hidden. They are made of materials safe to use in contact with the skin, and are designed by experts to work in same manner like the body’s external urethral sphincter. The device is also devised to keep urine away from the skin, keeping it dry and intact. The ideal objective is to prevent involuntary leakage of urine without compromising circulation of the penile shaft and to stay hidden and not present a hindrance to daily activities.


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How to use?

To use incontinence clamps, males just need to have an appropriate clamp, the one that fits on his penis comfortably. The unit is put halfway down the shaft of the penis and then tightened comfortably, effectively stopping the flow of urine but not compromising the circulation in the penile area. They must be removed every two hours to permit urination and to empty the bladder naturally. This way, natural urinary patterns are preserved while preventing distension and urine stagnation in the area which promotes growth of bacteria that causes infection and disease.

How it helps men regain control over urination?

By following a recommended urinating pattern, it may also help men restore some control on urination; by regularly releasing the clamps at regular hours, the brain anticipates urination whenever men go to the toilet. This gives some stimuli to the external urethral sphincter to regain control on the flow of urine.

Benefits of stopping urine.

clampsThere are a lot of unique benefits on using incontinence clamps, an explanation why more and more men each year are using them to address the issues. The most obvious advantage is the simplicity of the device; males only need to fit the device and urinate every two hours. Beyond that, the device offers advantages unseen in other incontinence products.


Men can also adjust the degree of tightness of the device according to his personal comfort. It’s also designed to be completely hidden when wearing everyday clothes, as if it’s not there. No bulky packages, unnatural bulges, wires or tubes are present. It is very hygienic because it does not permit leakage of urine. These devices are also non-invasive, and it helps keep the surrounding skin dry. Because it's made from durable inserted materials, it can be used for some time and be washed and dried when not in use.


These devices are effective and safe to use for incontinence in men. This is why more men each year are choosing to use penile clamps to address male urinary issues.



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